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Move Request – For Project, Move and Furniture Inquiries

Move Request Form
Use this form for Project Requests, Move Requests and Furniture/Labor Requests. For requests that include more than one of the above such as a project and a move only one request needs to be submitted.

Visit the Medical School Move Management Service webpage for more information regarding the moves process.

Medical School Building Access Request Form

Medical School Building Access Request Form
This form is to be used to:

  • Obtain / Update your Mcard
  • Request Mcard
  • Replace Mcard due to: Lost, Stolen, Damaged or Expired
  • Request NCRC building access and/or access to restricted areas
  • Name change
  • Classification change: Temporary / Contractor to U-M full time employee

Occupant Information

  • Internal move: Location change (building / room number)
  • Request a new name plate
  • Data changes: Phone number, email address or department ID
  • Exiting employee / Off boarding o On Boarding new occupant

Mcard ID Station at the NCRC:
Building 18, Ground Floor, Room #G018A

Event Request

Event Request Form
(Webform - Level 1 Password Required)

For questions please contact

Signage Request

To request a new signage for your office or desk within a Medical School building, use our online Signage Request.

This form should not be used for moves being managed by the Medical School Facilities Team.

Requesting Medical School & NCRC Research Space

Conference Room Request

Conference Rooms
Please contact your Lead Administrator for information about scheduling conference rooms.
NCRC has many conference rooms of varying sizes and configurations. In the spirit of a collaborative campus, it is our goal to keep these facilities in a shared pool. Use of shared conference room space will be free of charge to NCRC community members and reserved on a first come/first serve basis.
Use of the NCRC conferencing rooms is restricted to meetings/events relating to University of Michigan/NCRC business.

Conference rooms are scheduled via Schedulon. See the Schedulon “How To” help sheet (PDF).

Audiovisual Support

  • Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) organization provides audiovisual support at NCRC.
  • Basic audiovisual services in conference room spaces are free.
  • Advanced audiovisual and videoconferencing services in event spaces and other locations are available on a recharge basis.
  • Support is available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

To request support:
HITS Service Desk

Room Wizards

Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) announced that the room wizards for conference rooms in NCRC B16 are now functioning. Using the room wizards, you can see if a conference room is available, make a new reservation, or confirm an existing reservation. New reservations, or confirmations to existing reservations, made through a room wizard are reflected in Schedulon, which is the resource scheduling system for NCRC and the Medical School.

See the Schedulon “How To” help sheet 

To request support:
HITS Service Desk