About NCRC



The NCRC is an opportunity for the University to broaden its contributions as one of the nation's premier research universities and strengthen its ability to stimulate new business through partnerships with businesses in the private sector. By bringing together researchers and partners from different disciplines and industries, the NCRC will foster a collaborative environment that encourages discovery, innovation and creativity and helps catalyze the transformation of the regional economy.


Expand the University’s capabilities as one of the nation's top translational research institutions and be a driver in the resurgence of the Michigan economy.


A world of fast-paced scientific discovery that ignites improvements to humanity’s health and well-being.

Areas of Opportunity

Part of the North Campus, the complex of 28 buildings comprising 2.1 million square feet of office, research and manufacturing space acquired from Pfizer in 2009 allows U-M to bring together people and activities to:

Spur cutting-edge interdisciplinary research by providing space to assemble teams of U-M researchers to address major challenges, including:

  • Cardiovascular Research—Investigators from medicine, surgery, engineering physiology and biology working to develop new approaches to heart disease.
  • Translational Oncology—A team from medicine and pharmacy working on the development of targeted cancer therapies.
  • Health Services Research—Collaboration of hundreds of researchers focused on improving understanding of the many interrelated forces shaping national and global health care policy.
  • Biointerfaces—Investigators from engineering, science, and medicine working in advanced materials, nanotechnology, microfluidics and cell engineering to foster breakthroughs in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

Engage industry and government in creative partnerships by housing:

Spark technology transfer and entrepreneurship at U-M as home to the U-M Office of Technology Transfer, which includes:

  • Patents and Licensing—Complete services for U-M inventors seeking to patent ideas and industry representatives looking for emerging opportunities.
  • Venture Center—Provides a full range of expertise and resources to help entrepreneurs and venture partners create companies based on U-M technology.
  • Venture Accelerator—Provides space and resources for start-ups emerging from the pipeline of new ventures at U-M.

Boost the vitality of the region through the activities named above, which help U-M:

  • Expand its research enterprise to generate the ideas and expertise that are the foundation of innovation.
  • Inspire novel collaborations among faculty, students, industry and government that lead to new ideas and insights that translate to practice.
  • Aggressively move new ideas from U-M to the marketplace.
  • Create new jobs by hiring new faculty and researchers, launching new companies and helping to draw other companies into the region.

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