Private & Public Partnerships

Creating public-private partnerships is a key goal for the University of Michigan, and the North Campus Research Complex is an important player in helping to meet that goal. By bringing people together in close proximity to one another, the NCRC aims to promote diverse partnerships that engage private industry, rapidly transitioning ideas and data into new knowledge, marketable products and new ways of working.

Collaboration is, at its essence, a partnership of individuals or groups with a shared mission. With the complexity of science increasing exponentially, addressing many of our research problems requires a broad range of talents often accomplished through collaboration. The NCRC aims to catalyze innovation at U-M and economic growth in the region through interdisciplinary research and partnerships that bring together unique knowledge and expertise.

Co-location allows opportunity for shared learning that might otherwise not occur. The partnerships at the NCRC are both public and private in nature, of varying size and maturity — startup companies to midsized growing enterprises to satellites of existing companies — and with a specialized shared goal. There is greater opportunity for innovation and cross-fertilization both within the academic research community and across boundaries with the private sector.

The ultimate goal: Further the research enterprise of all involved while providing new opportunities for education and research in the coming decades.


Researchers across U-M recognize and value opportunities to collaborate in their scientific endeavors. The NCRC provides exciting opportunities to enable research collaboration between U-M and private or other not-for-profit entities through co-location or other approaches to enriching interaction.

Companies interested in co-location at the NCRC are reviewed for their potential to add value to U-M research endeavors as well as successfully pursue their own research. The NCRC is seeking to promote research, education and commercialization initiatives in high growth areas of significant academic and economic importance to the University and the state of Michigan.