Frequently asked questions about the buildings, labs and much more.



What is the NCRC?

The University of Michigan's decision to invest in the purchase of the former Pfizer campus resulted in a dramatic expansion of its research infrastructure. The purchase was finalized on June 16, 2009, making it the largest physical expansion in nearly 60 years. The site, which had been vacant since the end of 2008, was renamed the North Campus Research Complex (NCRC). It consists of nearly two million gross square feet of research and research support space, along with approximately 174 acres of land, 28 buildings, including a GMP manufacturing facility, 2,800 parking spaces, furnishings and technical equipment.

With NCRC, U-M embarks on a transformational project to spur interdisciplinary research and innovation across campus, Ann Arbor and the state of Michigan. The new complex will house cutting-edge innovative research with a global impact and the potential to establish U-M as one of the leading translational research institutions in the nation. It will create hundreds of new jobs and help U-M recruit top-notch faculty, students and staff. It will spark public-private partnerships that rapidly transition ideas and data into new knowledge, marketable products and new ways of working. The new research model of co-location of diverse research groups is designed to inspire collaboration, leverage interdisciplinary expertise and technologies, and help tackle multidimensional problems.

Where is the NCRC?

NCRC is located south of Plymouth Road in northeast Ann Arbor, bordering U-M North Campus. There are two sets of buildings, one located at 2800 Plymouth Road and one located at 1600 Huron Parkway. For more information, see the Maps & Directions webpage.

What research programs are located at the NCRC?

The research programs, or clusters, comprise nationally and internationally recognized scientists who are working to advance science and apply cutting-edge solutions to new research fields. Their expertise will support the clusters' research enterprise and be available to other researchers at NCRC, U-M, the state and the nation.

Who provides security for the NCRC?

The Department of Public Safety & Security is responsible for safety and security at NCRC.

How do I get access to the buildings?

Please see the Building Access & Security page for details.

Are the buildings open to visitors?

Yes, buildings are accessible through the lobbies of Buildings 16, 18, 32 and 520, 7:00 a.m.-6 p.m.

See the Building Access & Security page for more information.

Where do I park my bike?

Bike racks are located around the site, generally close to entrances to buildings.

What are my bus options for getting to Main Campus, Med Center?

Several bus routes serve the NCRC area. Please see the Logistics, Transportation & Parking (LTP) website page and the AATA Bus Website for more information.

What are the parking fees at NCRC?

All levels of parking passes are available at the NCRC, including paid visitor parking. Please see the LTP website U-M Parking and Transportation Services webpage webpages for more information.

Where is the closest Park and Ride lot?

Park for free at The Park & Ride Lot located on Green Road south of the Plymouth Road intersection, within one mile from the facility. The intercampus bus will transport you to and from this location. It runs every 20 minutes, leaving Green Rd from 6:25 a.m. to 6:25 p.m.

How will I get my mail and packages?

The site has a Central Service Center where all campus and US mail will be delivered to. You may pick up your mail in Building 18 Room G019 for the 2800 site or Building 520 for the 1600 site. Packages such as UPS or FedEx will still do desktop delivery.

Is there a fitness center on site?

Do NCRC occupants have priority in spots at the child care center?

No, there is no preference for daycare provided to NCRC occupants. General policies regarding availability of UM childcare can be accessed on the Child Care page.

How do I reserve a conference room? Is there a charge for use of conferencing facilities? 

The NCRC has numerous conference rooms of varying sizes and configurations. In the spirit of a collaborative campus, it is our goal to keep these facilities in a shared pool. Use of shared conference room space will be free of charge to NCRC community members. Currently conference rooms are scheduled via "Schedulon." Please see the Conference Room Request section for more detailed information.

Who provides audiovisual support at NCRC? Is this service free?

The Medical School IT organization provides audiovisual support at NCRC, coordinated through Health Information Technology & Services (HITS). Basic audiovisual services in conference room spaces are free. Advanced audiovisual and videoconferencing services in event spaces and other locations are available on a recharge basis. Support is available 8am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. To request support, call the HITS Help Desk at 734-936-8000, or send email to msishelp@umich.edu.

How will Animal Services be provided at NCRC?

ULAM is the designated provider of animal husbandry and related services for NCRC.

Animal Services web site

May I set up my own Animal Care Service (not use ULAM)?

No. Due to the interrelated nature of the facility and the way the vivaria were constructed, it makes it impractical to have multiple service providers for animal care.

How will I get packages? Cylinder gases?

The site has a central receiving location for receipt of all materials for the site (B90). In most cases, the service provider or carrier has been contracted by U-M to provide desktop or lab delivery of your materials. In exceptional cases, NCRC Receiving personnel will deliver your materials.

Are there glass wash and sterilization services at NCRC? Will I be charged to use these services?

NCRC has a mix of self-serve and staffed glass wash and autoclave services. There is no charge for staff-provided services. Please see the Laboratory Services webpage for more details.

What Scientific Core Facilities are on-site?

See Scientific Resources website.

How is IT support and connectivity at the NCRC?

NCRC partners with multiple University IT units to provide IT infrastructure and services, including network and phone services, high-performance computing and other specialized research infrastructure, collaboration/communications services and end-user support. NCRC partners include Information Technology Services (ITS)Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) and Learning Resource Center (LRC).

Desktop / end-user support is provided through Health Information Technology & Services (HITS). Support is available 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. To request support, call the HITS Help Desk at 734-936-8000.

Is NCRC wireless?

Wireless connectivity is available at the NCRC. Differing levels of access are available to University, UMHS and visitors through the "MWireless-UMHS," "UMHS-8021X" and "MGuest-UMHS" wireless networks. Wireless support is available through Health Information Technology & Services (HITS) at 734-936-8000 or msishelp@umich.edu.

How to Choose A Wireless Network

If I have visitors will they be able to access the NCRC network?

Visitors are able to access the NCRC network using "UMMS-Guest" wireless. The guest network allows visitors to access the internet and publicly available University resources from their own wireless-enabled computer or other device. Visitors must supply their name and email address, attesting that they will comply with U-M Information Technology Policies and related supplementary policies.

My U-M lab is moving from campus to NCRC, how do I prepare my lab for the move?

Please see the Laboratory Relocation Guidance document for details.