Occupant Amenities

NCRC is committed to supporting work-life balance. Picasso at NCRC, NCRC Art, the HighWire installation, and the MLibrary@NCRC, as well as Green Power, Childcare, and on-site wellness education and fitness programs are just some of the ways NCRC strives to improve the quality of life on its campus.

Composting at NCRC

The University of Michigan Waste Management Services began composting yard waste many years ago. The program was expanded to include pre-consumer (prep or kitchen waste) in 1997. In 2012 the program expanded again to include a pilot where post-consumer waste (uneaten or leftover food) was collected at the Michigan League and eventually U-M Dining Halls for composting as well. The success of the program allowed the inclusion of certified compostable containers and utensils to the composting list.

NCRC has adopted the program. All post-consumer waste such as compostable plates, cups, flatware, bowls, napkins, and take out containers along with your uneaten or unwanted food can be placed in specially marked bins at the usual locations. The success of the program at NCRC depends on you and keeping contamination (usually plastics or plastic lined containers) out of the bins. The most common contaminants are little things like salt and pepper or mustard, mayo, and ketchup packets. Look for posters indicating what can or cant be included for composting and remember, when in doubt, throw it out.

What can you compost?

For more information on the U-M program and answers to many of your questions please visit the following link:


Vending Machines

Vending machines are located in Buildings 10, 14, 32 and 300. Questions, please contact Research Services at 734-763-0773 or researchservices@umich.edu.

NCRC Lactation Rooms

NCRC has private lactation rooms located at NCRC. All of the rooms will lock from the inside. The rooms include outlets, comfy chairs and Wi-Fi. Some of them have sinks as well. Please see exact locations below.  

  • Building 10 - Ground Floor, Room G071
  • Building 16 - Ground Floor, Room G006E
  • Building 300 - First Floor, Room 367
  • Building 400 - First Floor, Room 428
  • Building 520 - First Floor, Room 1331

Notary Service

By appointment ONLY.

For NCRC free notary services, please email Bonnie Pond at bmckie@med.umich.edu.

Interfaith Reflection Room

This room is an inclusive and welcoming space for NCRC occupants, who are of many diverse religious and non-religious backgrounds. This room has been designated a space intended for prayer, contemplation, meditation, reflection, and practice.

Location: Building 14, Room D104


Meals on Wheels

You can help the Meals on Wheels program to reach the 1 in 6 seniors who might not know where their next meal is coming from by joining the NCRC Meals on Wheels Team!

The Ann Arbor Meals on Wheels food is prepared by and staffed by University of Michigan employees. The NCRC team delivers meals every Friday to home-bound residents. The more staff volunteers we have, the less of a time commitment we have. Currently a volunteer is assigned to deliver meals once every four to six weeks. Our route typically takes 45 minutes to an hour to deliver.

If you are interested please contact Elaine Lauerman at 734-763-2923 or ekl@med.umich.edu.

More Information

"I don't know what I'd do without you all. Such a very fine and life-saving program. I thank you all with a very full heart." - Meals on Wheels participant