Lab Safety

Ergonomic Prevention Services

The University of Michigan is committed to preserving the health and safety of its faculty and staff. There are 3 ways to access ergonomic services at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor:

Prevention services are available to all faculty and staff interested in preventing physical discomfort while performing job tasks. There is NO CHARGE for the assessments, but purchasing of recommended office equipment or furniture will be the responsibility of the employee’s department.

For Ann Arbor campus employees complete the Ergonomics Services Request Form
For Medical School employees complete the Ergonomics Services Request Form
For Health System employees contact Safety Management Services at 764-4427
For more information please visit the website:

EHS Prescription Safety Glasses FAQ's

OSEH Safety Goggles Image

Requests can be made by going to and clicking on “safety shoes/glasses” listed under popular links on the main page.
Requests MUST come from the supervisor or their delegate. The delegate can be anyone the supervisor wants to appoint, but requests should only come from one person in a lab.

  • Our program covers permanent staff, graduate students, research fellows and faculty. We do not cover visiting scholars, volunteers, sponsored affiliates, undergrads, anyone with less than a one year appointment or Auxiliary units. There is no charge for general fund units.
  • Anyone who is not covered can still obtain glasses through our program with a short code provided at the time of the request. The cost of prescription safety glasses is $79.95.
  • You must have a current (within 2 years) prescription with you at the time you get your safety glasses. EHS does not cover the cost of an eye exam.
  • You are responsible for any co-pays at the time of purchase. A co-pay is only required if you choose to upgrade your frames or lenses. Basic glasses are covered in full.
  • The “voucher request form” is a Google form. Everyone at the University of Michigan has access to Google forms, even if you don’t use Gmail. If you try to request a pair of glasses and Google tells you the form needs to be “shared” with you, log out of your email, go directly to the form and try the request again.
  • If you have questions about this document or the program itself please contact: Tara Welch at 734-647-1142 or

NCRC Eyewash Inspections

U-M EHS requires eyewash stations be inspected by lab personnel on a monthly basis. Part of that inspection includes flushing the eyewashes for 3 minutes or until the water runs clear. The majority of eyewash stations at NCRC are connected to an alarm system which notifies NCRC Security Post 1 in the event of an activation.

In order to continue efforts to support research and streamline communications with NCRC Security Post 1 it has been agreed that the inspections for U-M labs at NCRC will now be carried out by an onsite service provider starting November 2015. They will conduct the 8 point check, detailed below, on a monthly basis. They will sign off the EHS Eyewash Inspection Form that is, or will be, attached to each eyewash station.

EHS 8 Point Eyewash Check

  • Eyewash access unobstructed (note any showers that are obstructed too)
  • Eyewash covers in place
  • Bowl and eyepieces clean
  • Flow is effective and continuous
  • Protective eyewash covers come off when activated
  • Adequate flow from both eyepieces
  • Water drains from bowl
  • Flush eyewash for 3 minutes (or until water is clear)

The service provider has been instructed to carry out the inspection of all eyewash stations in U-M laboratories and support rooms at NCRC with the exception of space assigned specifically to ULAM or ASOR. Space within vivarium that is assigned to one or more PIs will be inspected by the service provider. If you would prefer to continue to inspect your own eyewash station(s) then please let NCRC Medical School Facilities know by emailing with details of the location(s). Examples may be laboratories or support rooms with sensitive equipment where strict access control is required.

The NCRC EHS Representatives support this initiative but have agreed that responsibility for ensuring that the inspections are carried out rests with the laboratories. Labs should therefore monitor their eyewash inspection tags to confirm that they are being inspected by the service provider each month. Lab personnel should contact immediately if an inspection has not been carried out by the end of any given calendar month. The labs maintain responsibility for ensuring eyewash stations and safety showers are unobstructed. U-M Plant Operations, Facilities Maintenance will continue to carry out annual tests of eyewashes and safety showers.

If you have any questions or wish to opt out of this service please contact

Common Container Rooms

For additional laboratory safety information, visit the Environment, Health and Safety website.