Building Incident Response Team

Please Volunteer for NCRC’s Building Incident Response Team

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In an effort to promote coordinated emergency response actions, the NCRC participates in the University's Building Incident Response Team (BIRT) program.  In addition to NCRC, this program has been successfully adopted by the College of Literature, Arts, and Sciences, Law School, Dental School, School of Social Work, School of Information and Rackham Graduate School.

NCRC Building Incident Response Teams are led by Medical School Facilities and made up of volunteer faculty and staff members from each occupant group throughout the entire NCRC campus. Team leaders will be appointed as BIRT Liaisons, who will be expected to interface with first responders and coordinate the volunteer BIRT Members. Together, BIRT Liaisons and BIRT Members will assist in quickly evacuating buildings due to a fire condition or directing people to shelter in the event of severe weather.

Participants never will be expected to place themselves in any danger; rather, they will be an essential link in the safety chain. The BIRT program relies on its members being familiar with their immediate area, being familiar with evacuation procedures, maintaining a calm demeanor in an emergency, and assisting emergency first responders to identify individuals requiring special assistance.

​​The NCRC is requesting that each occupant group/unit assign at least one individual to this program.  If an occupant group is located on more than one floor or in more than one building, then a BIRT Member from each separate location is needed.

The following buildings have no BIRT members or are in need of more BIRT members:

  • Building 14
  • Building 20W (floors 2 & 3)
  • Building 26
  • Building 28
  • Building 100
  • Building 200
  • Building 520



More Information

Interested in volunteering, please contact:

Rhonda Sarkisian, email: