Parking & Transportation

The NCRC is serviced by U-M Logistics, Transportation & Parking (LTP).
For general parking and transportation issues, see the LTP website.
Please refer to the NCRC visitor maps for more information on NCRC entrances and parking. You may also find the following maps helpful:

North-East Shuttle

Wall Street - NIB

Wall Street Express

Bio Research Shuttle

The Bio Research Shuttle (a clearly-branded van)

  • Replaces transport currently done on university buses and is available to all members of the university community with research transport needs
  • Operates 8:00 a.m.-5:15 p.m. (Monday-Friday)

Bio Research Shuttle Will Launch On-Demand Convenience

The shuttle is a shared service intended only for the transport of passengers with bio-research material.

Riders should request pick-ups via the TapRide mobile app or website:

  • Download for Android or for iTunes. Select "University of Michigan Bio Research Shuttle”. Login with your UMICH username and password to request a ride.
  • OR you may request a ride on the TapRide site.
  • If you do not have mobile app/computer access, you may call 734-936-0472

Riders can watch their vehicle live on the map, receive notifications when it is approaching, and change or cancel their request directly from the app/website.

The service will continue to operate Monday-Friday year round from 8:00 AM to 5:15 PM, with a service break from 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM.  Stops serviced include:

  • NCRC
  • Ann Arbor VA Hospital
  • Cooley
  • Cancer Center circle drive
  • CVC driveway
  • MSRB III (Lot M-69)

LTP will consider adding new stops based on demand.  To discuss a new pick-up location, please contact:

Route map and schedule

How to ride:

  • Please board shuttle with properly packaged specimen(s) at signed stop locations

Please also note:

  • Live tracking to view shuttle location coming soon
  • The shuttle route may be adjusted in the future (with advance notice) as Logistics, Transportation & Parking (LTP) learns more about customer demand
  • Campus bus service should be used for return trips where specimen transport is not required

LTP, the Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) and medical center leadership have had ongoing discussions in the last year regarding the transport of biological research specimens on the University bus system. As a result of these discussions, LTP developed the Bio Research Shuttle as a solution for campus transport of bio-specimens, while operationally still supporting the university in carrying out its mission as one of the nation's great public research universities and provider of choice. Funding for the pilot service is being provided by EHS, Medical School, and the North Campus Research Complex (NCRC). 

Commuter Bus

The U-M Commuter bus picks up/drops off passengers at the Hubbard/Hayward intersection at the south end of NCRC. It also serves the medical and central campuses.

Commuter Bus – Northbound

Route Map 

Commuter Bus – Southbound

Route Map

Northwood Bus

The U-M Northwood bus also picks up/drops off passengers at the Hubbard/Hayward intersection at the south end of NCRC. It also serves the medical and central campuses.

Route Map

Ann Arbor Transportation Authority (AATA) 

AATA also serves U-M, including the NCRC. U-M badge holders ride AATA buses for free. Route 1 goes directly to North Campus from the NCRC bus stop on Huron Parkway. Route 2 services the Green Road Park and Ride lot, Medical School and U-M campus locations. See the AATA website for routes and schedules.

Medical School Transportation

A plan to provide a transportation solution for faculty, staff, students and other occupants traveling between the NCRC and the Medical School is being developed. More details will follow.

Parking Fees

All levels of U-M parking are available, including paid visitor parking.

Information and forms about your parking permit options will be distributed to you before your move, through your department head or administrative lead. This will eliminate the need for employees to individually go to the parking permit office.

See the Logistics, Transportation & Parking website for fees and information.

See the NCRC Visitor & Parking Map for permit lots available.

Park & Ride Lot

The closest free Park & Ride lot is on Green Road, south of the Plymouth Road intersection. This is approximately one mile from the NCRC site. You can take the U-M Intercampus bus from there to the NCRC. Bus stops are located on Huron Parkway.

Bike Racks

Do not bring your bicycles into the NCRC buildings. Bringing bikes into the building creates wet, slip-and-fall conditions in our lobbies, and parking them inside the building blocks hallways and egress paths. We follow the recommendations of Logistics, Transportation & Parking website, “Bicycles should only be parked at designated bike racks and should not be taken into UM buildings.”

Where can I park my bike at NCRC?

The map of available bicycle parking shows spaces through-out our complex and their proximity to the nearest entrance into the buildings.

Bike racks are located around the NCRC site, generally close to building entrances. Covered bike parking is located at Buildings 16, 32, 200, 520 and in the parking structure.

Disability Services

U-M is accessible to all people. Logistics, Transportation & Parking offers programs specifically for individuals with disabilities.