Notifications & Updates


Corridor Closure

Beginning Tuesday, January 7th, a section of the south corridor between Building 20 and Building 90 (Dock) will be closed for an extended period of time (anticipated 3 to 5 months) for the mandatory replacement of plumbing piping mains, as part of the Building 20E/25 Renovation Project.

Access between Building 20W and Building 26 will switch from the current ground floor route to a level 3 route where a new section of corridor will be opened through Building 20E, see map.

General access to labs and offices in Building 26, floors 1 through 3, will only be available via Building 20 Level 3. Note, entry into the complex is also available at the west end of Building 20 or the south end of Building 22 and blue parking lots NC96 and NC105 offer the shortest routes into Building 26, see map.

Detour signage will be in place during the closure. The Building 20E/25 renovations are scheduled to conclude this summer.

Please see map for more details.