Liquid Scintillation Counter

Liquid Scintillation Counter for researcher’s use at NCRC. 

If you want to use the LS counter, you can only gain access to the equipment room and use the equipment if:

  • You acknowledge that you are an authorized user of RAD materials at NCRC or (work for a PI that is), and
  • You perform the on-line instrument training, and
  • You acknowledge via Email that you will comply with rules regarding the equipment and room usage. If you are the PI requesting access for your staff, then you ensure that your staff follows these procedures.

How to gain access to the equipment room

Request “ADDITIONAL ACCESS” to Room B20-19N on the Medical School access request form.

  1. Send the completed form along with the following items b, c, and d to
  2. Attach to the access request form Email a note from your P.I. stating that you have attended radiation safety training at UM and are operating under his/her RSS approval number ___ (insert number). If you are the Principle Investigator requesting access for yourself, send your RSS approval number for work at NCRC.
  3. State in your Email that you will comply with procedures regarding equipment and room usage. If you are sending on behalf of your staff, state that you will ensure that your staff comply (See next page for rules.)
  4. State in your Email that you have completed the on-line equipment training.  Log in using EMAIL _________and code ______ to access the training. 

Procedure for Using the Room Housing the PE TriCarb LS Counter

For use only by (or staff of) authorized users of radioactive materials at NCRC.

The equipment and room was provided for researcher’s convenience. NCRC has no staff to support scientific equipment; therefore, we are conducting an “experiment” to determine if unstaffed equipment rooms can succeed here in a safe and effective way. Users’ behaviors will determine whether the “experiment” is continued or ended.

  • Room 20-19N (on ground floor) is a “self-policed” shared room for the sole purpose of using the Liquid Scintillation Counter.
  • Since only authorized users of radioactive materials at NCRC and their staff will be given access, this will drastically limit those who have access and are responsible for the room.
  • Users must complete the equipment log legibly for each use.
  • Users are accountable to each other for the equipment and room condition.  (There is no one who comes in to clean up after users. There is no one who comes in and checks the machine. The user must clean up after him/herself.)
  • No material of any kind may be left in the room (for example: LS vials, papers, supplies).
  • If you find the room in disarray when you arrive, or equipment is not working, check the user log for the previous user and contact him/her to resolve.
  • If the equipment is not operating properly, users will have to call the vendor; there is no on-site support. (See PE contact number on machine.)
  • If compliance with these procedures is poor, (for example, EHS find the room contaminated during their normal spot checks,  materials are left in the room, the machine is broken and no one has called to repair it), this shared support room “experiment” will be ended.

We appreciate your support as we deploy novel strategies to support YOU, the research Community.