Tattered Moon Sculpture

Tattered Moon Sculpture

Tattered Moon Sculpture by Jim Pallas


Jim Pallas


The sculpture is located within the Buildings 100-400 courtyard

Description of Work

NCRC is the recipient of a generous donation of art. Jim Pallas, a Detroit-based artist known for inventive, kinetic, thought-provoking and oftentimes humorous work, created the sculpture Tattered Moon. This piece is thematically reminiscent of the David Barr granite and marble sculpture series on the grounds west of Huron Parkway, which illustrate the birth of an idea. As described by Jim Pallas, “Tattered Moon is a metaphor for the process of bringing a dream to life. Sometimes a dream can become tattered.  As it is, it is brought to reality. Even when tattered, a dream is a beautiful thing.”

Contact Information

For more information contact:
Grace Serra
Art Coordinator