Julianne Orlyk Walsh

Exhibition Date

June 15, 2023 to August 11, 2023

Description of Work

Julianne Orlyk Walsh has a Master’s degree in architecture from The University of Michigan. She worked as an intern architect at Acock Associates Architects in Columbus, Ohio before returning home to Ann Arbor to join the Medical School as a Facilities Planner. She is currently a student of Daria Paik at the Ann Arbor Art Center, and also takes instruction at the Ann Arbor Potter’s Guild.

The history and evolution of pot making has always captivated Walsh. From the tools and techniques used centuries ago to the fundamental process and output of today, much has remained the same. Yet, her exhibition Chronicle reflects the very evolution of her artistic process, from her childhood to her beginnings as an adult artist. Her pieces are a testament to the journey of her artistry, from its beginnings to its current state.