Notifications & Updates

Building 14

Supply Air Shutdown

The supply air in Building 14 will be shut down on Thursday, January 31st from 11:00PM until 3:00AM on Friday, February 1st. Details are in the below schedule.

Affected areas, see map for details:

  • 1/27 from 9:00PM - 11:00PM, affected areas are shaded in Blue
  • 1/28 from 9:00PM - 11:00PM, affected areas are shaded in Pink
  • 1/28 from 11:00PM to 1:00AM on 1/29, affected areas are shaded in Green
  • 1/31 from 11:00PM to 3:00AM on 2/1, affected areas are shaded in Orange

During this time, general building cooling will be affected, fume hoods may go into alarm and temperatures may fluctuate and all laboratory work should cease.

Remember that during air handler maintenance:

  • All chemical containers in the labs must be capped, or covered and properly stored.
  • All equipment requiring appropriate ventilation should not be in use.
  • Conducting any experiment in a shutdown fume hood, or using any ducted exhaust system connected to the shutdown system is strictly prohibited during this time.

Labs: Please post out the fume hoods with the EHS poster “Warning - Fume Hood Out of Service” during this shutdown. These should be removed afterward.