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Building 20
Building 25

Corridor Closure & South Atrium Work

A section of corridor on the ground floor of Buildings 20E will be closed between 6:00AM - 3:00PM on Saturday, April 27th for planned work related to the Buildings 20E and 25 renovation project.

The north/south corridor through Building 25 will be closed from Saturday, April 27th through March 2020.

Work will also begin on the new connection between Buildings 10 and 25 adjacent to the South Atrium on Saturday, April 27th through March 2020. A small section of the South Atrium walk-way will be closed off but the access ramp between Building 90 and the South Atrium will remain open with the access being minimally redirected. The South Atrium conference room will remain open.

See map for details.



A section of corridor on the ground floor of Building 20E will be closed between 7:00AM - 3:00PM on Saturday, March 23rd for planned work related to the Buildings 20E and 25 renovation project.

An alternative route will be available between Buildings 26 and 10.

See map for details.



NCRC Building 20 Ground Floor Corridor Closure

A section of corridor on the ground floor of NCRC Building 20E will be closed at 10:00PM on Tuesday, December 11th for approximately 4 hours for planned work related to the Buildings 20E and 25 renovation project.

An alternative route will be available between Buildings 26 and 10.

See map for details.


An electric cart will be moving construction material on the Ground floor between the NCRC Building 90 Dock and the Building 25 construction site between 4:00AM - 8:00AM daily as needed for specific activities.

This map shows the route that will be used. During this time please be aware of the construction equipment activity in the corridor and seek an alternative route where possible.


Renovation Closures

In reference to previous Building Notices and posted signage, the Building 20E restrooms and kitchenettes on levels 1 through 3 will be closed beginning Monday, July 2nd through Fall/Winter 2019.

Alternative restrooms are available on the ground level of Buildings 10 and 20W as shown on the ground level map. On level 1, restrooms are available in Buildings 14 and 22 as shown on the level one map.

The microwaves and refrigerators currently located in the break areas will be temporarily moved a short distance to the central corridors on Friday, June 29th and will remain available throughout the project.

Break area seating will be relocated to the main corridor between the elevator and the south stairs on levels 2 and 3. Level 1 seating will be added near the north stairs.

Additional break areas are available in Building 14 on level 1 overlooking the courtyard, Building 22 on level 1 at the south end of the building behind the elevator and in Building 32 behind the lobby.



In reference to the recent article in the NCRC Community Newsletter and the “Coming Soon” signage that has been posted around the complex, the building of barricades to isolate construction areas is expected to begin the week of June 4th.

This will affect pedestrian routes through Buildings 20E and 25, floors 1 through 3. Please review the map of construction zones showing the corridor closures and the wayfinding map of the ground floor, which shows pedestrian routes around the construction zones via the ground floor corridors. You should become familiar with the routes and allow a little extra time to move around the site. Expect to see construction activity and take caution around construction areas.

Watch for future notifications regarding the closure of Building 20E restrooms and kitchenettes.

The project to renovate NCRC Buildings 20E and 25 is making good progress. If you would like to see some specific updates and progress photos of the work that is taking place behind the construction barrier please click here.

Renovation Project

A project will soon begin to renovate the two remaining unoccupied buildings at the NCRC. Floors 1 through 3 of Buildings 20 East and 25 will be fully renovated allowing 100% utilization of the NCRC. The project will provide 50 to 60 new state of the art laboratory units, new faculty and student office space, an improved access connector between Building 10 and Buildings 20E, 25 and 26, upgraded restrooms, new break areas, and conference rooms. A three story atrium will be constructed linking Buildings 20E, 25 and 26 creating an expansive new collaboration space. In total 185,000 square feet of wet lab, office and support space will be created.

Although major work will begin in June 2018, some site preparation is already underway, including adding temporary contractor parking on the former site of Building 50. The project will require Buildings 20E and 25 to be temporarily partitioned off on floors 1 through 3 and will also require the closure of restrooms and break areas in Building 20E for the duration of the project. Access between Buildings 26 and 20W will be available via the ground floor, as will access between Buildings 10/18 and Buildings 20/26. Courtyards between Buildings 10 and 20, and Buildings 20 and 28 will remain open as weather permits. Maps and directional signage will be provided showing alternative pedestrian routes and restroom locations (see below maps). Break area locations are being determined and will be communicated at a later date.

The Medical School Facilities Team would like to thank members of the NCRC Community in advance for their patience. This exciting project will contribute toward making NCRC an even more vibrant and exciting research environment, opening doors to further partnerships, collaborations and discoveries.

Further communications will be issued as the project progresses. Construction is anticipated to conclude toward the end of 2019.

NCRC Ground Level Construction Zones & Restrooms

NCRC First Level Construction Zones & Restrooms