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Chilled Water Line Transfer

A project to replace the chilled water transfer line on the 1600 Huron Parkway site between the Building 800 chiller plant and the NCRC tunnel near Building 520 will begin in the coming weeks. The project will initially involve trenching to remove old underground piping and prepare for the installation of new piping.

This work will require the closure of parking lot NC85 (blue lot) and a partial closure of parking lot NC86 (yellow lot). Alternative blue parking is available in lot NC84 and alternative yellow parking is available in lots NC82 and NC83. Additionally, lot NC86 will only be accessible from the north due to a section of road at the south of the site being closed.

Please see map for details and alternative routes.

There are no anticipated impacts to the heating or cooling of buildings at NCRC during the project which is expected to conclude in early 2023, with restoration to the parking lots and road following in the spring.