Comprehensive Cancer Center

An important component of being a Comprehensive Cancer Center is our commitment to research. The only way to eradicate cancer is through innovation and collaboration between scientists and clinicians. The Cancer Center is committed not only to scientific and technological innovation in cancer treatment, but also in prevention and control.

Research efforts at the Cancer Center move from investigations in a laboratory setting -- "basic science" -- to charting discoveries with the help of patient -- "clinical science".

Moving discoveries in basic science to application in clinical science is called Translational Research and it is the cornerstone of the Cancer Center's research efforts.

In addition to the areas of study that explore how cancer works, and what causes it, Cancer Center researchers take this information and work on strategies to prevent and control cancer.

Our cancer center has also been awarded three Specialized Programs of Research Excellence by the National Cancer Institute. These grants involve both basic and clinical/applied research focusing on prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment of human cancers.

Because of a dedication to discovery, our patients benefit from the latest therapies - often before they are available anywhere else.