Notifications & Updates

Building 20
Building 25

Roof Replacement

As part of the renovation of Buildings 20E and 25 the entire roof of both buildings are scheduled to be replaced.

Third floor occupants should expect the sound of roofers cutting, scraping, and removing the old roofing materials.

In order to access the western portion of the roof a work area will be set up between Buildings 22, 20W and 60. This will include site work, material deliveries, dumpster exchanges and occasional crane use which may cause intermittent vibrations.

Access will be through a temporary gravel route. Existing trees will be salvaged, stored and reinstated at the conclusion of the roof replacement.

Please see map below for more details.

Measures are being taken to minimize odors including material selections, rerouting of some duct work and working off hours in areas of highest impact.

Site preparation should commence this week with the roof replacement expected to conclude at the end of this summer. Final restoration will include aesthetic improvements to the area.