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North-East Shuttle Route & Timing Update

Now that NCRC ring road construction is complete, please note the following recent changes to the North-East Shuttle operation (these changes have been in effect for the past few weeks):

There are now 4 bus stop locations that serve the North Campus Research Complex grounds:

  • NCRC North - at NCRC Building 18 (outbound stops on south side of road, inbound stops on north side of road)
  • NCRC South - at the south end of NCRC Building 36
  • NCRC Northbound Huron Parkway (east side)
  • NCRC Southbound Huron Parkway (west side)

The scheduled timetable (every 15 minutes on the quarter hour) for North-East Shuttle is now based on the following locations:

  • NCRC North stop for the outbound shuttle (from Medical Campus to Domino’s Farms)
  • NCRC South stop for the inbound shuttle (from Domino’s Farms to Medical Campus). The inbound shuttle will no longer wait at NCRC North/Building 18 and will only stop there if requested by a rider or if riders are waiting at the stop.

The outbound shuttle no longer stops on the east side of Huron Parkway. Riders commuting from the Medical Campus to the NCRC 1600 site may de-board at NCRC Building 18 and utilize the tunnel between Building 18 and Building 520. The outbound shuttle will stop on the west side of Huron Parkway to pick up/drop off riders on request. The inbound shuttle will continue to stop on the east side of Huron Parkway.

It is anticipated that these routes will remain the same for the foreseeable future.  However, they may be revisited with the construction season next year.

The Magic Bus App is a great resource for real time updates on bus locations.

Please see the LTP website for hours of operation and stop information and the route map for the most up-to-date bus schedule.

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