NCRC Interactive Digital Signs

 NCRC Digital Screen Image


These innovative signs can assist occupants and visitors to NCRC in multiple ways:

Directory - The Directory allows you to map to nearly all occupants at NCRC, as well as displaying their contact information. The information displayed is similar to the MCommunity Directory, but NCRC pulls information directly from the Master Occupant list that is manually populated. We hope that one result of displaying this information is that occupants will contact us at if they find their information is incorrect or to request contact information be removed from the sign. We can only be as accurate as the information provided to us. A Department Directory will also be added to the signs in the near future.

Events - General content is fed to the signs from the NCRC Calendar of Events. Submit an Event.

Research Programs - A list of interdisciplinary research programs including wayfinding at NCRC.

Weather - A look at the three day forecast.

MagicBus - Real-time bus tracking and estimated times of arrival countdown for the North-East Shuttle and Bio-Research Shuttle.

Amenities - A wayfinding list of popular amenities and services at NCRC including the Mcard Office, Wellness Center, conference rooms, cafeteria, nearest restrooms, HITS Help Me Now, MLibrary, lactation rooms, and vending.

Emergency Alerts - When a Level 1 Emergency Alert is issued by DPSS, the digital sign is completely taken over with information regarding the incident. Level 1 Emergency Alerts are displayed on the digital signs. Level 1 is classified as any event that could threaten the safety or security of individuals on campus. Events like tornado warnings, gas leaks, fires, armed attacker and chemical spills are examples of a Level 1.