Reception for Two Art Exhibitions

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Building 18 Lobby


Please join us to celebrate Anne Mondro and Memories & Observations: Part Two by Marcia Freedman. Come enjoy the beautiful art and a delicious array of treats – savory and sweet.

Anne Mondro

NCRC, Building 18 (tunnel), Connections Gallery

Anne Mondro’s work explores the physical and emotional complexity of the human body. Integrating traditional craft, fine art, and digital technology, she creates images and sculptures that investigate humanity.  Her work draws inspiration from anatomical imagery and religious artifacts to comment on physical and mental complexities of the body, especially during times of illness and disease. Read More >>

Memories & Observations: Part Two
Marcia Freedman
NCRC, Building 18 Lobby, Rotunda Gallery

Marcia Freedman’s work pay homage to the great Abstract Expressionist painters that dominated the art scene of the late 20th century, yet the work remains relevant in the contemporary context of abstract painting. The lush gestural brushstrokes reveal unconscious feelings resulting from personal experiences, and a visceral reaction to life. Read More >>