Notifications & Updates

Building 520

Scheduled Power Shutdown

The electrical substation that provides power to NCRC Building 520 will be subject to a two phased shutdown on Saturday, December 9th from 7:00AM to 5:00PM for repairs and mandatory State of Michigan 5 year testing. During this time the building should not be occupied.

Fume hoods and vented equipment

  • For the first phase of the shutdown fume hoods, exhaust points and general lab and office venitlation will not be operational from 7AM
  • Prior to the shutdown all chemicals should be capped and experiments in fume hoods should be temporarily terminated
  • All equipment requiring ventilation should not be in use

Electrical Outlets

  • For the second phase of the shutdown electrical outlets to labs and offices will be switched off between 12pm and 5pm
  • During this time only red outlets will have power and the building will not be lit
  • Sensitive equipment should therefore be powered down prior to the shutdown
  • It may be advisable to consolidate fridge/freezer contents into units that are plugged into red outlets  
  • Perishable food items in shared refrigerators should be removed prior to the shutdown date

For questions relating to this shutdown please contact