Notifications & Updates

Building 35
Building 36

There will be intermittent periods of elevated construction noise due drilling, coring and other construction work in Building 36 affecting the ground floor through December 30th. If your space is scheduled to be impacted you will be contacted in advance by ULAM staff and will be given an exact date, duration and details of the work.



The pathology project requires a partial east ring road closure for safety purposes from Monday, April 24th through Monday, May 8th to accommodate the new generator installation. Access to and from parking areas will be maintained at all times.  Reference map below for barricaded areas to avoid.

Pathology Relocation Renovation Project

Building 36 south entrance will be available for use Wednesday, November 2nd.

The construction walls are still being worked on. You will see significant progress through this weekend. The first floor closure of Buildings 35 and 36 will not occur until Wednesday, November 16th.

Previous Notice:

Construction work for the Pathology Relocation Renovation Project in Buildings 30, 35, 36 and 60 will continue through December 2017.

Please expect construction noise and activity during business and non business hours within the designated buildings.

As of October 31st, first floor access to Building 35 and Building 36 will be closed.

Please use the ground floor as an alternate route and work with your department to arrange access if required.

For any questions or concerns please contact Tara Ahmet: or 734 615-0026.