Notifications & Updates

Building 200

Network Admission Controls

Effective February 20th, Network Admission Controls or "NAC" will be in place in Building 200.

This means that only “Core” devices, i.e. those managed by Health Information Technology & Services, will be able to access the wired network by Ethernet cable. Personal and non-Core devices enrolled in AirWatch, the mobile device management tool, may access the wired or wireless (8021X-UMHS) network.
If you receive a prompt to reboot your desktop or laptop computer, you may need to reconfigure the network certificates as follows: 

  • If you have a COREMAC device, you will need to enter some additional information to connect. Follow these step-by-step instructions to connect to the wired network. You may contact the HITS Service Desk at 936-8000 if you should need additional assistance.
  • If you have a CoreImage WINDOWS/PC device, we do not anticipate any impact to most devices. If you should have trouble connecting, your Device Support team may need to assist you manually with the configuration of the certificate. Please contact the HITS Service Desk at 936-8000 to submit a request to your Device Support team

For more information about AirWatch, please visit the AirWatch info page.