Notifications & Updates


NCRC Ring Road Construction Update


West Ring Road 

Currently the north section of the west ring road is closed for demolition and will remain so through this weekend. During this time access to NC96 will be from the South (see map).

On Monday November 6th this section will reopen temporarily as a gravel surface. Access to NC96 will resume from the north and the south section will close for approximately 1 additional week to complete concrete work.

Around Friday, November 10th the north section will be closed again to complete construction and the south section will open permanently providing access to NC96 from the south.

The completion and reopening of the north section is anticipated to be around the end of November.


East Ring Road

The east ring road is now open to traffic. Permanent access at the south east corner to NC92 is anticipated to open around November 10th pending construction progress. Until then please continue to use the temporary access in the north east corner (see map).


Please use extra caution when driving in these areas as construction traffic will continue through the end of the project in late November.