Notifications & Updates


Effective Monday, July 31, Lot NC90 will be converted to ORANGE permit parking and Lot NC91 will be converted to YELLOW permit parking. This will result in a net increase of approximately 100 ORANGE permit parking spaces in Lot NC90.  

This will be an interim change. Logistics, Transportation & Parking (LTP) are scheduled to expand Lot NC53 by approximately 250 ORANGE permit parking spaces, effective January 2018. At which time, Lot NC90 will be converted to YELLOW permit parking.

NCRC Parking Lot Tier Reassignment & Renovations

NCRC and Logistics, Transportation & Parking (LTP) expect to begin the first phase of a multi-year parking lot and ring road renovation project this July, with work continuing through late fall. Pedestrian access will be maintained to the Building 28 Lobby entrance throughout the project.

Lot NC90

  • Entire lot will be reassigned to YELLOW permit parking on July 1st
  • To offset the loss of ORANGE permit parking, the south end of lot NC53 will be reassigned to ORANGE permit parking on July 1st, making the entire lot ORANGE

Lot NC91

  • Will remain ORANGE permit parking

Lots NC92 & NC95

  • NC95 is currently closed and NC92 will be closed as of July 7th for renovations
  • When the lots reopen in the Fall of 2017, they will be reassigned to BLUE permit parking

Please see map below to reference upcoming tier changes.

The following improvements are planned (See Renovation Map):

  • Expanded parking in Lot NC92 to create 80 new parking spaces
  • New road and bus stop provided, adjacent to the south lobby entrance
  • Improved pedestrian accessibility and circulation
  • Improved ring road traffic circulation
  • Improved parking lot and sidewalk lighting
  • “Share the road” markings for bicycle traffic and additional bicycle parking

You may also want to explore your free parking options, such as the AAATA Buses and the Commuter Lots Park & Ride Program and locations. The commuter lots closest to NCRC via the North-East Shuttle are lots NC37 (Green Rd. near Baxter Rd.) and Plymouth Rd./US-23 (Southeast corner of the intersection). To coordinate, see the AAATA & U-M Bus Routes and Schedules.

Please remember that nearby shopping centers and private parking lots are often monitored by their management and any student or staff member parking a vehicle in their lots and walking to NCRC can expect to have their vehicle towed at the owner's expense.

For more information on parking permits or to purchase a parking permit, visit the LTP website.

Stay tuned for further details in upcoming communications.