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NCRC Parking Lot Tier Temporary Adjustment

NCRC Administration and Logistics, Transportation & Parking (LTP) have been listening and responding to messages from concerned NCRC occupants regarding the conversion of four parking lots from Yellow to Blue. At the same time, they have continued to do long-term planning for NCRC buildings and parking. As a result, they have information to share with all of the NCRC faculty and staff.

NCRC has nearly 2,800 faculty and staff occupying its many buildings. NCRC certainly is its own campus with a campus core such as exists on the rest of North Campus, and Medical and Central Campuses. Over the next 3 years, NCRC is anticipated to house a total of nearly 3,800 faculty and staff.

To effectively manage the significantly large and complex U-M parking environment, it has to be managed as a total parking system, of which NCRC is a part. The NCRC parking lots became part of the University parking enterprise in 2010 with the intent of integrating the tiered parking system over time. The tiered system consists of a mix of gold, blue, yellow & orange parking, and exists in most of the rest of the core campuses at the University. The original plan was to implement this parking approach in phases over a 3-year period, beginning in 2010. As it has turned-out, phasing is just beginning now, after 6 years.

Considering the faculty and staff feedback and their long-term planning dynamics, they have decided to temporarily adjust a portion of the parking plan. Effective Tuesday, December 13th, the current Blue Permit parking in the NC83 Lot (212 spaces) will be converted back to Yellow Permit parking.

In FY18, they plan to resume the phased parking changes.

NCRC Parking Lot Tier Reassignment & Renovations

NCRC Administration and Logistics, Transportation & Parking (LTP) will be reassigning tiers, as well as renovating some NCRC parking lots over the next three years.

These changes are necessary in order to meet the needs of our expanding complex, improve lot circulation and renovate lot surfaces. The tier modifications also further aligns NCRC with the LTP color tier philosophy:  Blue permit parking is located in areas close to buildings; Yellow permit parking is located further away from buildings, but still within walking distance; and Orange permit parking typically requires a short bus ride or a longer walk to buildings.

A permit exchange will be hosted at NCRC on September 27th. Please look for the details on the permit exchange in upcoming NCRC Newsletters.

Lot NC83

  • East side of the lot will be renumbered to lot NC82 and remain YELLOW parking permit
  • West side of the lot will remain lot NC83 and will be reassigned to BLUE parking permit on October 3rd with construction to follow next summer to allow for additional spaces and improve lot circulation

The following changes for Phase 1 will be effective beginning July 1st, 2016:

Lot NC85

  • Entire lot will be reassigned to BLUE parking permit

Lots NC98/99

  • Entire lot will be reassigned to BLUE parking permit
  • Reassignment will not impact VISITOR parking

Please see map below to reference upcoming changes.

You may also want to explore your free parking options, such as the AAATA Buses and the Commuter Lots Park & Ride Program and locations. The commuter lots closest to NCRC via the North East Shuttle bus are lots NC37 (Green Rd. near Baxter Rd.) and Plymouth Rd./US-23 (Southeast corner of the intersection). To coordinate, see the AAATA & UM Bus Routes and Schedules.

Please remember that nearby shopping centers and private parking lots are often monitored by their management and any student or staff member parking a vehicle in their lots and walking to NCRC can expect to have their vehicle towed at the owner's expense.

For more information on parking permits or to purchase a parking permit, visit the LTP website.

Stay tuned for further details in upcoming communications.