Notifications & Updates


Corridor Opening & Temporary Ramp

The Building 30 and Building 60 corridor will open on Monday, September 25th.

These doors will be Mcard access only.

The outside ramp will be removed sometime between Thursday, October 12th and Friday, October 13th.

Corridor Closure & Temporary Ramp

As part of the Pathology Project, we will be closing the Building 30 and Building 60 corridor that connects the Building 28 Lobby south entrance to Building 20.

Starting on Wednesday, June 21st the alternative route will be necessary for the next few months.

After hours, you will need badge access to enter at Building 20 as you would other exterior doors. Access should already be programmed on your existing Mcard.

You will see additional renovations within the Building 28 Lobby. We will notify you as more details are known.

Please become familiar with the revised routes and be aware of additional construction activity.