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Cooling Tower Replacement

Update 3/23/2017:

Several corrective actions have been, or are planned to be, put into place to help manage cooling tower overspray.  Some these adjustments include evenly distributing water across the tower surface, replacing the flexible connections on the towers (a failure was a source of major overspray), and  modifying fans to run at variable speeds to increase speed as cooling is required and to reduce speed on milder days. All of this work is anticipated to be complete prior to peak cooling season. In the meantime, the Power Plant Operators will be monitoring the cooling towers closely and will make adjustments where possible to minimize overspray.

Previous Notice:

The north cooling towers, south of Building 80 and north of Parking Lot NC93, are going to be replaced.

Demolition will begin this week, with an estimated completion date of May 2017.

During this time, please watch for increased construction traffic along the east side of the ring road, along with intermittent placement of dumpsters and use of cranes as needed.