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Several corrective actions have been, or are planned to be, put into place to help manage cooling tower overspray.  Some these adjustments include evenly distributing water across the tower surface, replacing the flexible connections on the towers (a failure was a source of major overspray), and  modifying fans to run at variable speeds to increase speed as cooling is required and to reduce speed on milder days. All of this work is anticipated to be complete prior to peak cooling season. In the meantime, the Power Plant Operators will be monitoring the cooling towers closely and will make adjustments where possible to minimize overspray.


Cooling tower to be replaced at NCRC power house

Building 80 provides electrical power, steam, chilled water and other utilities to most North Campus Research Complex buildings. A $3 million project is planned that will replace the building's north cooling tower that has reached the end of its useful life with a new tower that uses less energy to dissipate the same amount of heat. The Medical School will fund the project that is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2017.

Regents Roundup — September 2016

Cooling Tower Over Spray

University of Michigan Utilities and Plant Engineering (UPE), Occupational Safety and Environmental Health and Risk Management have reviewed the current operations and equipment for the cooling towers on the 1600 campus and are developing a long term plan to mitigate the cooling tower over spray issues. The permanent solution will require the cooling towers to be taken off-line for inspection and modification as necessary, thus this must be performed after the cooling season is over, or at least when the cooling loads are much lower than what they are now.

In the interim, UPE staff are reviewing the operation of towers daily for any over spray issues and the operations of the building cooling systems have been adjusted to utilize more of the cooling capacity from the 2800 campus, thus reducing the demand on the 1600 cooling towers.   This plan will continue to be reviewed based on the daily cooling demand, which currently is very high due to the high heat indexes. 

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, July 26th, lot NC86 will be closed until October 1st. During the closure lot NC85 will convert back to yellow permit parking.

Consult the NCRC Map for alternative parking locations other than NC86 and continue to report any issues to