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Building 50 Demolition Update

3/23/3017: UPDATE

The southwest corner of Building 50 will be demolished on Saturday, March 25th. The Building 28 dock will therefore be closed from 4:00PM on Friday, March 24th until the morning of Monday, March 27th.

The pedestrian ramp from NC92 that leads to the exterior dock door on the east of Building 28 will also be closed.

General access and egress to and from Building 28 will be unchanged. The emergency egress route from the Building 28 dock will temporarily be rerouted per the attached map.

Previous Notice:

The structural demolition phase of the Building 50 Demolition Project commences this week with activity noticeable as early as Friday, March 10th.

The major demolition work will last approximately 6 weeks depending on weather conditions. During this time the foundations will be removed and this is scheduled for the end of March. Please note this work has the most potential to cause vibrations noticeable in the surrounding buildings. Work to restore the site will continue into May.

The sidewalk to the west of Building 50 will be closed for the majority of the project however emergency egress routes out of Building 28 will be maintained.

Contractor access to the site will be via NC94 (see map link below) and increased activity will also be noticeable in this lot as the project progresses. Access to NC92 will be maintained at all times.

Further notifications may be sent out as the project progresses including any site impacts.