NCRC at three years - by the numbers

June 28, 2012

In June 2009, U-M purchased the site now known as the North Campus Research Complex from Pfizer, and began transforming it into a vibrant hub for interdisciplinary research and public-private partnership. Three years later, that transformation is in full swing, and plans for further growth at NCRC are under way.

Some fast facts:

1,423 faculty, staff, students and private company employees work at NCRC

294,000 square feet of laboratory and office space are now in use

440,700 square feet, nearly half of available space, are expected to be in use by December

73 percent of dedicated space is occupied by Medical School, 3 percent by Hospitals and Health Centers, 17 percent by other U-M units, 7 percent by non-U-M entities including the VA

7 scientific research initiatives bring together hundreds of research team members from many disciplines and schools for work in Cardiovascular Research, Translational Oncology, the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation, Emergency Medicine, Computational Medicine and Bioinformatics, Distributed Health Technologies and Biointerfaces

9 shared facilities for scientists’ use: Imaging Core, Bioinformatics Analysis Core, Biomedical Research Store, DNA Sequencing Core, Flow Cytometry Core, Microscopy & Image Analysis Laboratory, ULAM, Animal Phenotyping Core, Electron Microbeam Analysis Laboratory (to come)

20 private companies lease space at NCRC, including BoroPharm, Lycera, and 18 U-M spinoff companies in the Venture Accelerator

dozens of administrative functions — mainly support for researchers and private companies through the Office of Technology Transfer, Business Engagement Center, Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research, Medical School Office of Research, MLibrary & more — are now based at NCRC

179 events, with more than 20,000 attendees, have been held at NCRC since 2010

10+ community-building amenities & services are available at NCRC, including networking gatherings for staff and faculty, MHealthy exercise classes, food service, art exhibits & child care

2,420 meals for U-M hospital inpatients and Meals on Wheels clients, respectively, are prepared daily in the NCRC kitchens while the University Hospital kitchens are renovated

Hundreds of parking spaces for commuters to the medical & main campuses