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Attention Wellness Center Members - The Wellness Center hours are from 5:00am – 9:00pm. Closing at 9:00pm allows for the rooms to be cleaned on a nightly basis. This includes the following rooms: both men’s and women’s locker rooms, Building 16 Rooms B017N, B019N and B020N.

wellness center

The Wellness Center is a resource to help promote greater health and wellness at NCRC. This is accomplished by offering fitness and strength training machines, MHealthy Classes and multiple Wellness Programs.

Become an NCRC Wellness Center Member

wellness center

Sign-up for your NCRC Wellness Center Membership.

Review the NCRC Wellness Center Guidelines.

The NCRC Wellness Center has a $10 monthly membership fee.

This monthly fee will enable NCRC and MHealthy to continue this amenity, as well as upgrade our facility services to include towels for the showers and a water cooler in the equipment room.

This will not impact your access to MHealthy classes held at NCRC.

New members will receive a trial period, the first month of your NCRC Wellness Center membership will be free!

If you have already created an account for MHealthy classes, you will use the same user name and password to log-in and purchase your NCRC Wellness Center membership.

Please allow 1 business day for your badge to be activated.

Orientations are now completed online as part of your membership process.

MHealthy classes membership and payments are in no way affiliated with the NCRC Wellness Center membership and payments. You do not have to be a NCRC Wellness Center member to access MHealthy classes held at NCRC. The $10.00 monthly fee is for use of the NCRC Wellness Center only and separate from any payments towards MHealthy classes you may sign-up for.

Eligible Wellness Center Members

  • UMHS Faculty or Staff
  • University NCRC Occupants
  • NCRC Accelerator Occupants
  • NCRC VA Occupants
  • U-M Traverwood Occupants
  • NCAC Occupants

NCRC Wellness Center Member Information

  • The membership fee is $10.00 a month. An automatic withdrawal of $10.00 will occur the first business day of each month.
  • The first month of membership will be free for any new member.
  • A credit/debit card is the only acceptable method of payment.
  • A re-occurring automatic monthly payment of $10.00 will take effect at the start of the second month of membership until membership is canceled.
  • Membership may be canceled at any time. Please note that once the membership is charged at the beginning of the month, the member will remain active through the end of the month. There are no refunds or partial refunds given. The member must cancel at least one business day prior to the end of the month to avoid charges for the subsequent month.
  • To cancel a membership: email the NCRC MCard office at ncrcaccess@umich.edu requesting your membership to be canceled.
  • Members are required to renew their ParQ and Liability forms annually, 365 days from initial sign-up.
  • If your credit card expired and/or you received a new card, please remember to update your information. If your information is not updated within 5 business days of you receiving a late payment email notification, your access will be terminated.
  • If you leave the University of Michigan and/or relocate to another area that is not eligible to be an NCRC Wellness Center member you MUST cancel your membership in order to stop payments on your credit card.

Location & Hours of Operation

The Wellness Center is located in Building 16, Basement. MHealthy classes are located in the Building 16, Basement, Room B-017N exercise room, along with lockers and showers. 

The Wellness Center is open every day, 5:00AM - 9:00PM.


Wellness Center New Equipment

Based on our equipment demo last October, the Wellness Center has had a huge upgrade in equipment which includes many new machines, as well as upgrades to the treadmills and recumbent bikes.

Below you will find photos along with descriptions of all the new and upgraded equipment.



Equipment Instructional Videos

MHealthy Class Schedule

MHealthy Programs

mhealthy programs

Need assistance with a weight or cardio machine in the NCRC Wellness Center? Have questions about an MHealthy program, such as personal training or Active U? Look no further! MHealthy Physical Activity Specialists will be on site most Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:00AM – 1:00PM to help answer any exercise related questions or general MHealthy questions. Specialists can be found in the NCRC Wellness Center or room 16/B-034C.

MHealthy Programs

  • Physical activity
  • Nutrition
  • Weight management
  • Ergonomics awareness
  • Tobacco cessation
  • Mental and emotional health


There are over 1,300 six month combination assignment lockers located outside of the shower rooms and approximately 60 token operated daily use lockers.

Valuable items left behind in the Wellness Center for example; watches, wallets and money should be turned into Post 1 (734) 764-9000 if the person can identify what is being retrieved the items will be released to that person. To follow up on valuable items please email lost-and-found@police.umich.edu to inquire. Non–valuable items will be held for one week, if not claimed they will be disposed of. MCARD’s should be turned into the MCARD station located in Bldg. 18 room G018 at NCRC.

If interested in a six month assignment locker please email a request including your name and UMID# to: NCRCLabServices@umich.edu

NCRC Weight Watchers Group

Interested in losing weight and making healthier food choices? Join the NCRC Weight Watchers Group! People who attend Weight Watchers meetings lose 3 times more weight as those who go it alone.1

When you follow the Weight Watchers plan, you get an integrated approach that combines smarter eating, healthy habits, exercise and supportive weekly meetings.

  • Supportive and fun meetings – At your weekly meeting, you'll get in-person inspiration from a Leader who's been in your shoes, and encouragement from members just like you. It's a connection and bonding that you can’t get with any other weight loss plan.
  • NEW! Free eTools subscription – Get the power of Weight Watchers in the palm of your hand. This internet and mobile weight-loss companion is free when you enroll in an AT WORK session.
  • Personal and inspiring – Your weigh-in each week is completely confidential and helps motivate you towards your goals as you track your progress each week. Accountability counts!
  • Fits your life – With Weight Watchers, there are no required foods. You eat real food in the real world, so you can go out to eat and still lose weight.

Regular cost is $156
MHealthy pays half of this making your cost only $78!


All participants must register online for the At Work Weight Watchers session by April 10, 2017 and A MINIMUM OF 12 PARTICIPANTS is needed in order for the Week One Session to be held on April 17, 2017 @ 12:00 PM. IF THE MINIMUM NUMBER OF 15 PARTICIPANTS HAS NOT BEEN MET BY 4/10/2017, THE ONLINE REGISTRATION WILL BE EXTENDED AND WEEK ONE WILL BEGIN ON 4/24/2017.


1 Heshka S et al. Weight loss with self-help compared with a structured commercial program: a randomized trial. JAMA 289(14):1792, 2003.

Questions & Comments

How do I gain access to the NCRC Wellness Center fitness rooms?

You must sign-up for a NCRC Wellness Center Membership, which is a $10 monthly fee using your debit/credit card. Sign Up.

Does the NCRC Wellness Center include strength training equipment such as bench presses, kettle bells, dumbbells, and medicine balls?

The NCRC Wellness Center is not a staffed facility and therefore there are limits on what type of equipment can be provided. We recognize the need for additional strength training equipment and are assessing our options for future provisions.

Can we add a water fountain to the NCRC Wellness Center fitness room?

There is a water dispenser in the equipment room and a water fountain located by the locker rooms and across from the stairway leading up to the first floor.

Will the NCRC Wellness Center be opening on weekends?

The Center is open Saturdays and Sundays from 5am-9pm.

Will the NCRC Wellness Center be open 24 hours?

We are currently assessing interest in a 24 hour Wellness Center operation. A determination will be made in the future based on member requests.

Who determines the magazine selection available in the Wellness Center fitness rooms?

Magazines are donated by our members. All members are welcome to recycle and contribute to the selections.

How is temperature controlled in the NCRC Wellness Center fitness rooms?

Temperature is set to 70° and is monitored and adjusted on a regular basis.

Will fans be added to the NCRC Wellness Center fitness rooms?

Six fans have been added, two within each room of the Wellness Center.

Will Schedulon be available to use within the NCRC Wellness Center?

Several pieces of equipment within the NCRC Wellness Center fitness rooms are available to reserve through Schedulon. Schedulon is currently available for booking equipment, and the schedule will be visually displayed within the fitness room soon.

More Information

Questions & Comments:
Please contact Maryellen LeBlanc