Art Program

Art Program

In keeping with the spirit of the NCRC, we aim to generate an environment of innovation and inspiration through the display of art and through arts programming.  Scientists and artists share a common ability – abstract thinking.  Developing a dialog between the two is our main objective.

The intention of the art program is to introduce visual and performing arts in the form of educational experiences that are dynamic and thought provoking for the members of the NCRC community, as well as the larger U-M community and general public.  Students and visitors will be invited to participate in programs that reach beyond the realm of art, with topics that include science, social commentary and technology.  Fresh ideas, or living arts, will be highlighted through interactive programs offered by visiting artists who share their process creating works on-site, as well as through talks and exhibition.

The ideas and works of art by U-M students and faculty, as well as Michigan-based and internationally known artists will be featured.

More Information

If you would like to stay informed of future exhibitions and events, please send an email to Grace Serra, NCRC Art Coordinator - with the subject line "NCRC Art e-mail list."

NCRC Exhibitions

If I can stop one heart from breaking, 2014   (Photo Credit Tim Thayer)
Anne Mondro
NCRC, Building 18 (tunnel), Connections Gallery
February 01, 2017 to April 24, 2017

Anne Mondro’s work explores the physical and emotional complexity of the human body. Integrating traditional craft, fine art, and digital technology, she creates images and sculptures that investigate humanity. Her work draws inspiration from anatomical imagery and religious artifacts to comment on physical and mental complexities of the body, especially during times of illness and disease.

Anne Mondro received her BFA at College for Creative Studies in Detroit, and completed her MFA at Kent State University. She is Associate Professor in the School of Art & Design at the...

“He Said She Said”, 2015  (photo credit Tim Thayer)
Marcia Freedman
NCRC, Building 18 Lobby, Rotunda Gallery
February 01, 2017 to April 24, 2017

Marcia Freedman’s work pay homage to the great Abstract Expressionist painters that dominated the art scene of the late 20 th century, yet the work remains relevant in the contemporary context of abstract painting. The lush gestural brushstrokes reveal unconscious feelings resulting from personal experiences, and a visceral reaction to life.

Freedman allows the painting process to lead the way to opening up the work to wider political or social questions. The physicality of the paint joined with resultant symbols creates a narrative and dialog between self and materials, revealing...

Tattered Moon Sculpture by Jim Pallas
Jim Pallas
The sculpture is located within the Buildings 100-400 courtyard
This exhibit is on permanent display.

NCRC is the recent recipient of a generous donation of art. Jim Pallas, a Detroit-based artist known for inventive, kinetic, thought-provoking and oftentimes humorous work, created the sculpture Tattered Moon . This piece is thematically reminiscent of the David Barr granite and marble sculpture series on the grounds west of Huron Parkway, which illustrate the birth of an idea. As described by Jim Pallas, “ Tattered Moon is a metaphor for the process of bringing a dream to life. Sometimes a dream can become tattered. As it is, it is brought to reality. Even when tattered...