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The Janus Safety Lab is a demonstration lab whose purpose is to educate and raise safety awareness of those visiting the space.

Why Janus: Janus - he of the two faces, looking to the past and the present. Beginning and ending. Opening and closing. Good vs. bad. In this lab you will see conditions that are opposite one another.


About the Janus Safety Lab


The lab (room) has two separate entrances and is divided into two halves: the good/right/correct side vs. the bad/wrong/incorrect side. A yellow line down the center of the lab provides a visible separation of the two halves and banners on each side display which side is “good” and “bad”.

A variety of safety and health topics are represented in the lab including biological safety, chemical storage and labeling, electrical safety, fire safety, compressed gas use and handling, personal protective equipment and hazardous waste management. Each right/wrong item is identified with a code and the codes are displayed on wall banners within the lab.

A retrospective survey of 14 months of lab inspection data revealed that 28 items (of 471 possible items) accounted for 58% of all items noted by the inspectors. We have ensured that these items are reflected in the Janus lab.





Hundreds of styles, sizes and colors of safety glasses are available through Fisher Scientific and Grainger on M-Marketsite; however, most labs were not aware of this and the typical choice of safety glasses within individual labs was very limited. There is a new program that enables people to try on safety glasses before purchasing them. Much like the Janus Safety Lab, this new program is designed for a hands on experience.

The Safety Fits Program (safety glasses trial) is a collection of safety glasses in various sizes, colors and styles that can be tried on to help select a pair that works for you. Cost of an individual pair ranges from $3-$20. Standard, smaller and larger frame sizes are available. Several styles of “over the glasses” safety glasses are available for those who choose not to wear prescription safety glasses available from the EHS prescription safety glasses program.

Supervisors who have taken advantage of this program are already reporting increased compliance with the wearing of safety glasses in their labs. They attribute this to people being allowed to select safety glasses that are comfortable and also enable them to express their individuality. As an added bonus, getting people together and trying on the various styles has proven to be a fun group activity!

To see all of the safety glasses available to try on:

Send an email to Janus-Safety-Lab@umich.edu


More Information

The lab is located at the University of Michigan North Campus Research Complex (U-M NCRC) in Building 25, Room 126.

Research groups interested in arranging staffed tours of the lab should contact:Janus-Safety-Lab@umich.edu