Susan Aaron-Taylor

Exhibition Date

September 05, 2017 to December 12, 2017

Description of Work

Susan Aaron-Taylor has exhibited her work for over three decades. The sculptures in this exhibition blend her love of Jungian psychology, alchemy, dreams, rituals, mythology, and shamanism with the detritus of matter.  Unlike geological strata, these layers are accessible for work two to three decades removed from their original expression.

She states “My intense exploration of mediums and techniques over the year’s gives me the freedom to incorporate a wide range of materials.  Found wood, fleece, minerals, cactus, porcupine quills, beads, shells, bones, and kozo fiber have all been appropriated.  Blending the accumulated strata creates autobiographical narratives where rhythm, balance, and harmony invite the viewer’s participation.  My intention is to connect the spiritual and the physical worlds.”

Susan Aaron-Taylor is a graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Arts and Wayne State University.  She served as Fiber Design Department Department Chair, and Professor, at College of Creative Studies for 40 years.

Art Reception

Appetizers and beverages served in the Building 18 Lobby.
Wednesday, September 27th
5:00PM - 7:00PM
Building 18 Lobby
Open to the public