Building Access & Security


The NCRC Security Services transition to Health System Security Services is taking another step forward by introducing Guest Service Specialists at the lobbies of Buildings 16, 18, and 28. Building 520 has already transitioned.

This next step will begin on Monday October 17th. The lobby hours will be 7:00am-6:00pm Monday through Friday.

In addition to providing reception to guests, wayfinding, and general information, Guest Service Specialists may request to see your Mcard as you enter the lobby.

All staff, faculty, students, contractors, U-M sponsored affiliates and lease tenants are required to possess a valid Mcard. Feel free to stop by the NCRC Mcard office to replace lost, damaged, or expired cards.

The Mcard office also offers free lanyards and cardholders to help keep your Mcard available.

By Monday October 17th you should notice increased vehicle patrols in all NCRC lots as well as an increased presence of Health System Security Officers throughout the complex.

Health System Security Services (HSSS) is a division of The Department of Public Safety and Security (DPSS). DPSS was formed in 2012 to unify security functions previously managed through different organizations. The unification was to provide an integrated approach to safety and security, improve efficacy and consistency of incident responses, and to continue to build partnerships to support safety and security across the University. NCRC will benefit from this integrated approach as well as enjoy a more consistent and reliable service model by full time U-M staff than was previously possible.

The first step in the transition was the assignment of Sgt. Mike Dillard in March of 2016. The next step in the transition will be the addition of Guest Service Specialists at staffed lobbies. Your guests should expect a consistent approach to way-finding, communication, and an increased familiarity with the complex and its occupants. As NCRC aligns as part of the greater Academic Medical Center please remember to have your valid U-M issued Mcard in your possession.

Health System Security Services will continue to offer the same 24/7 coverage for your public safety and security needs. More information on the transition will be shared as plans progress.

Building 100 Visitor Entry Change Coming December 19, 2016

As of December 19, 2016 the Building 100 entrance went from a visitor entrance to an employee only entrance and will no longer be staffed. Please direct your visitors to the Building 520 entrance from now on.

Entry to Building 100 will require an active UMID card that has assigned access for NCRC. If you are having trouble with your card or need access, please email:

This change will be consistent with other NCRC card read only exterior doors in Buildings 10, 14, 22, 200 and 300. 

DPSS Guest Services at the Building 520 entrance will be able to assist visitors from 7:00AM until 6:00PM Monday through Friday. Guest Services staff can provide directions and maps to office locations or, if needed, will help connect the visitor with their University contact by phone. There will also be a sign posted at the Visitor Parking Kiosk to direct all visitors to the Building 520 entrance.

This information had been communicated in the NCRC Community Newsletter under Security Updates. We apologize that a Building Notice was not sent out prior to the change.



Please remember to show your U-M ID to the student or security guard at the reception desks of the visitor entrances during hours when the door is unlocked. If you have forgotten your U-M ID you will be asked to sign in. All guests and visitors to the building will be asked to sign in as well.

NCRC Guest Services Notification Form

Hours of Operation

Building 16 Lobby
Monday - Friday
7 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Building 18 Lobby
Monday - Friday
7 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Buildng 28 Lobby
Monday - Friday
7 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Building 520 Lobby
Monday - Friday
7 a.m. - 6 p.m.

  • U-M employees must have their M-card to enter NCRC buildings; please have your M-card visible as you enter. You may be asked to present your M-card to reception personnel.
  • U-M employees who do not have their M-card available will be asked to sign in at the building reception desk in the lobby.
  • Access before or after lobby hours is via Mcard access.

Call boxes are located at each door entrance.


All visitors are asked to sign in at the reception areas in either Building 16, 18, 28 or 520.
After reception areas are closed, visitors will need to use the call box at the respective entrances to be let in.
NCRC Guest Services Notification Form